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After World War II, the raw material of construction is extremely scarce in Europe, people eager to find a way to solve the serious shortage of timber and other building materials. Inspired by the construction of honey bees in nature, a unique building material based on honeycomb structure technology began to come out, Mr. HOLTSLAG, founder of Honicel made lots of researches on how to make paper honeycomb with light weight and high compression strength, which accumulated a wealth of experience. After World War II, Mr. HOLTSLAG launched cheap paper-based honeycomb materials in the European market, which were mainly used for the filling of the building doors. This successful paper honeycomb material was named Honicel.

In 1956, Mr. HOLTSLAG registered the company with the high quality paper honeycomb brand (HONICEL) and set up Honicel Netherlands Ltd for a professional production and sales of paper honeycomb material. After 60 years of continuous development. Honicel Netherlands Ltd has developed into a multinational group of enterprises. At present, it is the world's largest and most specialized supplier for paper honeycomb. Paper honeycomb has been widely used in various applications field. From the building door, light wall to furniture manufacturing, from alternative wood and plastic foam packaging materials to aircraft, subway, ship decoration plate, from the advertising board to the plane speaker sound board etc. As excellent light high-strength composite materials, paper honeycomb has many advantages of high stiffness, light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation, surface smooth, not easy to deformation etc, it has been widely used and developed in the construction industry. So far, new applications are still emerging. New products come out more frequently to create a miracle in the world.

Dr. Wang, who studied in the UK in 1994, was aware of the resource conservation and environmental characteristics of honeycomb materials and its potential application value in the Chinese market in a brief contact with Holland Group. In 1995, Dr. Wang began to promote honeycomb material in the Chinese market with Honicel Netherlands Ltd.

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