Case name: Aviation Industry
Description: Honeycomb materials originated from bionics and were first used in aerospace, which is a super lightweight composite material that developed for the special needs of aerospace science and technology. Today, honeycomb materials are widely used in aircraft, rockets and spaceships.      The honeycomb sandwich structure is usually made of thin panels and thicker honeycomb core. Because of its advantages such as light weight, high bending rigidity and high strength, sound absorption, sound insulation and good insulation performance. In the developed countries, honeycomb sandwich composite material has been successfully used in the primary and secondary bearing structure of aircraft, such as wing, fuselage, tail, flooring, interior parts, etc. The design and manufacturin...
Description: With the improvement of the speed technology and equipment for rail transit vehicles , the modern vehicles has improved the requirements of light weight and noise reduction on the original design. In order to ensure the beauty and comfort, the interior accessories that are made from plywood are unable to meet the development of the modern vehicle interior decoration. As a result, a large number of light-weight new materials have emerged.      Honeycomb panels have the advantages of light weight and high rigidity, and have excellent properties for sound insulation and thermal insulation. The decorative films can be attached on the decorative surface by means of sticking or vacuum adsorption. The decorative effect is very good. Aluminum honeycomb panels have been widely used i...
Case name: Ship Industry
Description: Aluminum honeycomb sandwich composite material is a kind of structural part that is light weight, high strength, and high stiffness. Advanced ships  often use aluminum honeycomb panels for panel processing materials. Because of its characteristics such as completely non-toxic good formability, recyclable, easy to clean, it has become the ideal materials for ships applications.         It is fireproof, corrosion resistant, environmentally friendly and easy to disassemble and assemble, which makes it to become an excellent design material for deluxe shipping room.
Case name: Air Purification
Description: Various types of air purifier filter use honeycomb material as a carrier. Compared with the traditional activated carbon filter, it has more excellent gas dynamic performance, less volume density, high adsorption efficiency and small wind-resistance. Honeycomb mesh filter can use PU foam to carry activated carbon powder, the carbon content is about 35% -50%. It can be used for air purification to remove pollutants from volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, chlorobenzene and air pollutants. Application:      Various civil air purifiers, automobile filter cores, air conditioners, etc.
Description: As the environmental requirements of each countries get higher and higher, traditional wooden pallet, plywood and plastic pallet that are widely used in goods transportation are phased out for non-compliance with environmental requirements. Paper honeycomb pallet that is made of eco-friendly paper meets the requirements of western countries.      Paper honeycomb pallet also known as paper card board, paper pallet and paper tray, paper honeycomb has a good flat compressive properties, so it can be used in the upper and lower deck of the pallet. It is a new type of green product, high strength honeycomb cardboard was cut into surface boards and stilts, and then the edge of the pallet was sealed by paper corner protectors.
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