Description: Honeycomb composite board adopts glass fiber cloth and paper honeycomb as surface material and interlayer respectively, and uses glue to bond them. Light honeycomb composite board are used to replace the existing automotive upholstery, such as car roof and platform floor etc, the using of Honeycomb composite board reduces the weight of the electric car and the manufacturing cost.Characteristic :1、 High texture appearance2、 High bending resistance3、 Light weight4、 Recyclable
Description: Honicel honeycomb wallboard includes interior clapboard and exterior decorating board, which uses high strength paper honeycomb or aluminium honeycomb to be sandwich material. It can be widely used in all kinds of buildings, such as toilet、kitchen and light house etc.  Characteristic : 1、Light weigh 2、High strength, little deformation 3、 Thermal insulation, sound insulation 4、 High compression resistance 5、 Recyclable
Description: Honeycomb structure panel used paper honeycomb to be filling material, which has been widely used in furniture manufacturing industry. Its major advantages include little deformation、light structure、low costs and save the wood. Board type furniture from some customers are almost all made of Honeycomb structure panel. Honicel began to promote paper honeycomb material in furniture manufacturing industry from 1996 in China. After several years of development and promotion. Honicel paper honeycomb has gained recognition from more than 200 furniture manufacturers.
Case name: Door application
Description: Using Paper honeycomb in the building doors is one of the earliest applications of Honicel honeycomb structure material. In the E&A markets, about 80%-90% of doors used Paper honeycomb to be filling material, which not only reduces the price of production, but also enhances the bending resistance strength, In the Chinese market, there are more and more door manufacturers adopt Honicel paper honeycomb to produce various doors to replace solid wood or EPS foam filling material.
Description: Honicel Honeycomb packaging material is a kind of light honeycomb structure cardboard which is made of high-strength paper honeycomb and surface paper.  It can be used to replace wooden packaging and EPS material, Honicel Honeycomb packaging material is a new kind of green packaging material with Light weight, high strength, good rigidity, stable.  Characteristic : 1、 Light weigh. 2、 High bending resistance 3、 High compression resistance 4、 Thermal insulation 5、 Low cost
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