During the Second World War, paper honeycomb was introduced for the airplane industry (fuel tanks for Dakotas). After the war ended paper honeycomb was used primarily as a structural material in the reconstruction of Europe. The shortage of building material (wood, bricks, etc.) made paper honeycomb an excellent cost-effective available alternative. The development of paper honeycomb in North America was based on those post-war European applications.Paper honeycomb is still used in structural applications such as inner doors, separation walls and furniture (kitchen cabinets). Door co...
Date: 2017 - 09 - 20
Honeycomb structures are natural or man-made structures that have the geometry of a honeycomb to allow the minimization of the amount of used material to reach minimal weight and minimal material cost. The geometry of honeycomb structures can vary widely but the common feature of all such structures is an array of hollow cells formed between thin vertical walls. The cells are often columnar and hexagonal in shape. A honeycomb shaped structure provides a material with minimal density and relative high out-of-plane compression properties and out-of-pl...
Date: 2017 - 09 - 20
Honeycomb Materials were born for Aviatic applications in the beginning, and they have been widely acknowledged for their unique stiffness-to-weight-ratio. Our manufacturing facility has succeeded in bringing it into commercial application. It consists of an expanded 3003 alloy hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core in the middle, and a sheet of 3003 H24 aluminum bonded to each side with an Epoxy adhesive agent. This sandwich structure gives this product high strength and a super-flat surface. Aluminum honeycomb core has the advantage of Lightness, so it is very light in weight for transportation a...
Date: 2017 - 09 - 20
With the continuous development of e-commerce, online shopping is becoming more and more convenient, and more and more people buy wine through e-commerce. In order to protect wine bottles from being broken in the process of transportation, businesses have racked their brains and used a variety of methods, currently the most commonly used are foam boxes and bubble bags.Red wine packed in foam and plastic bubble bagsAlthough in terms of protection, both methods can meet the current express transportation requirements, foam and plastic bags take up a lot of space after receiving the goods, which ...
Date: 2021 - 09 - 23
Now more and more people like to suck the cat, is the so-called: temporarily suck the cat temporarily cool, has been sucking the cat straight. The elegant body, the cold eyes, the soft belly, especially the hairy Jiojio.However, cat owners also have a lot of hidden bitterness, such as one minute the cat is enjoying the owner's arms, the next minute the cat can jump up and claw at the owner. Some people are beautiful on the surface, but they don't even have a good chair behind their back. Not just chairs, curtains, sofas, carpets... Many cat owners have to deal with the problem of how t...
Date: 2021 - 09 - 29
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