Honicel honeycomb rock slab helps the development of fabricated green building materials

Date: 2021-09-23
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Prefabricated buildings refer to buildings that are assembled on site from prefabricated components, colloquially known as 'building blocks'. In the future, prefabricated buildings will become the mainstream mode of construction.

Since September 2016, when The General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Vigorously Developing Prefabricated Buildings (State Affairs and Development No. 71 2016), more than 30 provinces and municipalities across China have introduced relevant policies on prefabricated buildings. The policy calls for prefabricated buildings to account for 30 percent of new floor space within 10 years. With the central government and local governments at all levels have issued various favorable policies, the prefabricated construction industry ushered in a golden period of development.

Honicel honeycomb rock slab helps the development of fabricated green building materials

Advantages of prefabricated building:

As a green construction technology of energy conservation and environmental protection, prefabricated building has the advantages of fast construction speed, limited by climate conditions, long life, less maintenance, labor saving and high construction quality.

1. A large number of building parts by the workshop production processing completed, the main types of components are: outer wall panels, inner wall panels, floor panels and so on.

2. A large number of on-site assembly operations are greatly reduced compared with the original cast-in-place operations.

3. The integration of construction and decoration design and construction, the ideal state is that the decoration can be carried out synchronously with the main construction.

4. With the standardization of design and informationization of management, the more standard the components are, the higher the production efficiency will be, and the corresponding component cost will decrease. With the digital management of the factory, the cost performance of the whole prefabricated building will be higher and higher.

Honicel honeycomb rock slab helps the development of fabricated green building materials

Honicel ultra-thin honeycomb rock plate:

Honicel rock plate is in view of the prefabricated building green building materials, it is by the high performance of honeycomb structure material and thin ceramic composite rock plate to form a new type of composite plate, the surface of the ceramic plates are made of natural raw material through special process, with the help of more than ten thousand tons press down (more than 15000 tons), combined with advanced production technology, After more than 1200℃ high temperature firing from the new sheet.

Characteristics of honeycomb rock plate:

1.Light and easy to use: The surface of honicel honeycomb rock plate has the beautiful appearance and high performance of rock plate, and has the high strength and lightweight characteristics of honeycomb material, the general thickness of 12mm, the weight is very light (about 9kg per square meter), compared with 12mm ceramic rock plate, only 1/3 of its weight. Honeycomb rock plate light weight, good bending resistance, transportation, handling, installation and decoration process, are not easy to break and break, save decoration costs and decoration time.

Honicel honeycomb rock slab helps the development of fabricated green building materials

2. Green environmental protection and flame retardant: the rock board is zero formaldehyde plate, and Honicel high-performance honeycomb board by SGS testing agency detection of zero formaldehyde, therefore, honeycomb rock board is a very good zero formaldehyde environmental protection level new material; In terms of fire prevention, Holisheng honeycomb wall panel has reached the A2 grade of national building material standard, which is an excellent fire prevention building material.

3.Moisture-proof, insect-proof, low expansion: Honicel honeycomb plate has good waterproof and moth-proof characteristics, is the most important technical characteristics of holisheng plate is better than the traditional wood plate. After detection, the linear expansion coefficient of Holisheng honeycomb substrate is about 8µm/m degree C, with 6µm/m degree C of ceramic rock plate, very close to the phenomenon of deformation, cracking and delamination.

4.Sound insulation and heat insulation: because the honeycomb structure board has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, therefore, Honicel honeycomb rock plate than ordinary rock plate has better sound insulation and heat insulation performance.

Honicel honeycomb rock slab helps the development of fabricated green building materials

As a innovator of new building materials industry and a practitioner of green space, Honicel advocates the concept of 'make the world lighter, make the earth greener'. With honeycomb materials as the core, honicel has developed a variety of prefabricated building materials application solutions, which are suitable for different application needs. Honicel uses high-tech materials and advanced manufacturing technology to create green building materials that meet the living needs of modern people and integrate 'green, environmental protection, science and technology, energy saving'.

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