Honicel honeycomb rock slab dry hanging system

Date: 2021-09-29
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Rock plate is made of natural stone and inorganic clay by special process under high pressure and high temperature. It is the largest ceramic decorative plate in the world with super high temperature resistance, wear resistance, low water absorption and environmental protection. It is widely used in industrial building/interior decoration and other fields. Rock plate specifications, heavy weight, installation process and technical requirements are relatively complex, high difficulty. The installation of rock plate, the current decoration market mainstream several ways: rock plate adhesive directly shop paste; Wood bottom foam glue or structural glue point paste; Aluminum or aluminum honeycomb panel wall, these installation method is superior to domestication, the main problem lies in the construction of complex, time is long, empty drum, unstable rock board face, straightness error, deformation, or take off a layer phenomenon, with the board to render more corrupt and bug eat by moth, risk, especially for thin rock plate installation, the installation method is more difficult, Hinders the wide application of SLATE.

Honicel honeycomb rock slab dry hanging system

Wall board dry hanging is a new type of wall dry construction method and technology in the assembly decoration, the method to metal or plastic pendant (fastener) will be directly hanging or fixed on the blank wall or keel above, the formation of plate decorative curtain wall. It breaks the traditional bottom installation mode, a full set of dry system construction, can be realized in any wall free of bottom directly installed wall panel.

Honicel honeycomb rock slab dry hanging system

Honicel honeycomb rock board is a special type of drywall board in the drywall hanging system. It takes 3mm ultra-thin rock board as decorative surface layer, pastes special honeycomb structure plate, and forms a new type of lightweight and high strength wall board. Because honicel honeycomb rock board has excellent bending resistance, compressive resistance and ultra-light weight, It is especially suitable for using the existing dryhanging construction method and technology of the wall board, especially it perfectly solves the difficulty and pain point of the application of 3mm ultra-thin rock board on the wall.

Honicel honeycomb rock slab dry hanging system

The difference between honicel honeycomb rock plate and aluminum alloy honeycomb composite rock plate lies in that we solve a series of problems caused by the large difference of expansion coefficient between the rock plate and aluminum alloy material. The expansion coefficient of the slab is 6.5, while that of aluminum alloy is 24. Such a large difference will lead to bending, deformation, fracture and delamination of the large-size slab in the place of large temperature difference.

Honicel honeycomb rock slab dry hanging system

Honicel rock plate of the weight of every square metre about 9 kg, is also a third of the thickness of rock plate, within 3 meters high building decorating a process, only need to slice of cellular rock plate can meet the demand of the height of the building space, such as 1000 x3000mm honeycomb plates is less than 30 kg weight, a person can be easily installed, can speed up the construction progress, Reduce the workload of installation, which in turn reduces the time and cost of prefabricated installation and construction.

There are various installation methods of honicel honeycomb rock board, one of which is the wall panel dry hanging system and accessories developed by Qingdao Wind Bird Home Co., LTD. (, including keel leveling components, wall panel dry hanging profiles and retaining panels fixed hanging pieces. Another dry hanging method is the use of New Zealand FASTMOUNT company ( research and development of wall panel fixed FASTMOUNT FASTMOUNT and construction method, its dry hanging system is mainly used in the installation and construction of ships and yachts and other wall panels. The main advantages of FASTMOUNT dry-mount system are accurate positioning, easy installation, and multiple disassembly and reuse of the wall panel. In addition, FASTMOUNT has developed a variety of wall panel fasteners suitable for dry-mount system in different applications.

Honicel honeycomb rock slab dry hanging system

In addition, Honicel is developing a dedicated honeycomb SLATE dry-hanging system that features rapid leveling, easy installation and lower construction costs, and will be launched on the market in the near future. There are many construction and methods of wall board dry hanging, there can be a variety of choices, Honicel honeycomb rock board with conventional wall board dry hanging method successfully solved the problem of large size rock board wall difficult application, for the application of new rock board provides great convenience, but also provides a new choice for the wide application of rock board.

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