What kind of packaging does a bottle of wine need to be safe and environmentally friendly?

Date: 2021-09-23
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With the continuous development of e-commerce, online shopping is becoming more and more convenient, and more and more people buy wine through e-commerce. In order to protect wine bottles from being broken in the process of transportation, businesses have racked their brains and used a variety of methods, currently the most commonly used are foam boxes and bubble bags.

What kind of packaging does a bottle of wine need to be safe and environmentally friendly?

Red wine packed in foam and plastic bubble bags

Although in terms of protection, both methods can meet the current express transportation requirements, foam and plastic bags take up a lot of space after receiving the goods, which is difficult to handle, and more importantly, it is very environmentally unfriendly. With the tightening of the policy, it has become the common goal of e-commerce logistics industry chain to make express packaging 'greener and leaner'. In recent years, under the leadership of the State Post Bureau, enterprises represented by express delivery giants such as Cainiao, and SF Express have gradually put green packaging on the agenda.

So there is no way to ensure the safety of bottles in the transport process with environmentally friendly materials? Of course not, bottle packaging bottles have to be a good support to protect and cushion, and USES the environmental protection of honeycomb paperboard core made of recycled paper, will have the characteristics of the above, its unique structure can not only meet the requirements of transport packaging, structure is firm in order to protect the bottle, and has the characteristics of environmental protection can be completely recycled.

What kind of packaging does a bottle of wine need to be safe and environmentally friendly?

Wine bottle packed with honeycomb paper core material

Honeycomb paper core bottle packaging is not only beautiful, but also can be printed label identification, after use, it does not take up space folded, can be used repeatedly.

What kind of packaging does a bottle of wine need to be safe and environmentally friendly?

Packed in packed honeycomb paper core wine bottle

With lightweight, high strength and excellent buffering ability of honeycomb cardboard, the whole can be 100% recycled wine bottle packaging solution, which has the following characteristics:

1. Excellent consumer experience: The product is green, made of recyclable paper, safe, non-toxic and reusable;

2. Strong protection function of goods: anti-collision, anti-fall and anti-earthquake

3. Improve packaging and logistics efficiency: high packaging efficiency, high space utilization rate, light weight, improve economic benefits.

In the anti-fall test, the liquor bottle was packed with honeycomb paper core under the condition of full liquor. It fell from a height of 4 meters and from different angles freely. The liquor bottle was not damaged, and the protection was quite excellent.

Drop test video

Honicel has rich experience and mature solutions in the field of honeycomb packaging. For bottle packaging, we have applied for three patents: Packaging Structure (201922498287.6), Honeycomb Core Packaging Structure (201922500276.7), and Cylindrical honeycomb Packaging Structure (201922499984.3). At present, it has been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office.

What kind of packaging does a bottle of wine need to be safe and environmentally friendly?

Honicel honeycomb packaging patent zu

Recently agreed to by the State Council, the market supervision administration and National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, ecological environment, housing in urban and rural areas issued by the ministry of construction, Ministry of Commerce, postal service joint of the guidance on enhancing express green packaging standardization work, pointed out that strive to to 2022, comprehensive establish strict binding express green packaging standard system, We will gradually improve the governance system of green packaging for express delivery based on the coordination of standards and laws and policies, promote the standard to become a 'hard constraint' on green packaging for express delivery, and support the reduction, green and recyclable packaging of express delivery to achieve remarkable results. Honicel honeycomb material is an excellent solution under this guidance. We believe that honicel honeycomb material will be able to play its value in more and more places with the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements.

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