Save furniture plan: Honicel honeycomb cat scratch board

Date: 2021-09-29
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Now more and more people like to suck the cat, is the so-called: temporarily suck the cat temporarily cool, has been sucking the cat straight. The elegant body, the cold eyes, the soft belly, especially the hairy Jiojio.

Save furniture plan: Honicel honeycomb cat scratch board

However, cat owners also have a lot of hidden bitterness, such as one minute the cat is enjoying the owner's arms, the next minute the cat can jump up and claw at the owner. Some people are beautiful on the surface, but they don't even have a good chair behind their back. Not just chairs, curtains, sofas, carpets... Many cat owners have to deal with the problem of how to save their furniture from the clutches of their cats.

Save furniture plan: Honicel honeycomb cat scratch board

The first thing to make clear is that cats are not deliberately destroying furniture. They do need to be clawing. So why do cats grind their PAWS?

Boost metabolism.

A cat's paw scrubbing helps remove old cuticle from the outside of her nails, exposing new nails.

Mark territory

The glands between cats' toes secrete pheromones that leave a message to other cats as they pass by, letting them know that the cat is in the area.

Keep your nails sharp and healthy

Cats don't need PAWS when they walk, they walk silently, but they're an important tool when they're climbing or hunting. So they need to keep their claws sharp and strong.


Sometimes when cats rub their PAWS, they stretch their legs. This stretches their back and shoulder muscles, making them feel relaxed and Comfortable.

How after all ability lets cat 'high carry expensive claw' pass the furniture that spend huge sum to buy back?

Choose a scratch board that fits your cat. But should choose what type and material of scratching board?

In the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, Lingna Zhang, Rebeekkah Plummer, and John McGlone report the results of experiments and studies on the type and texture of scratch boards cats prefer.

Save furniture plan: Honicel honeycomb cat scratch board

The results of the study showed that cats preferred curved scratchers over flat, three-dimensional or bowl-shaped scratchers. At the same time, corrugated paper is the cat's favorite material.

Save furniture plan: Honicel honeycomb cat scratch board

Honicel honeycomb cat scratch board is made of corrugated paper as raw material. Using the characteristics of honeycomb stretching forming, it is made into a cat scratch board that can be changed into a basin shape, which can be used for cats to lie down and rest, and a cat scratch post can be used for cats to exercise. In addition, Honicel honeycomb cat scratch board has the following characteristics:

1. Choose green corrugated paper with moderate hardness to protect devil's-claw.

2. Different shapes satisfy your cat's curiosity.

3. Foldable and portable.

4. Easy to clean and protect furniture.

Your furniture could be saved with the Honicel Honeycomb Cat scratcher.

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