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Paper Honeycomb:Honicel paper honeycomb is a kind of filling material which is made of recycled paper. Honicel paper honeycomb is a kind of typical green environmental protection product which is recycled and absorbed by nature. Characteristic : 1、Resource-saving, 100% recyclable 2、High compression resistance and high bending resistance performance 3、Shape can be adjusted according to the application 4、Hard fiber board, particleboard, glass fiber, thin steel board, cardboard and other types of sheet can be used to be surface material. 5、The size of honeycomb paper can be customized according to customer’s requirements. Application: Paper Honeycomb can be widely used in furniture manufacture、building partition、vehicle manufacture、 environmental protection packaging and other related industr...
Aluminium Honeycomb: Aluminium Honeycomb is a kind of regular hexagonal honeycomb material which is made of aluminum foil, it is light weight, high strength, good rigidity. It is a new kind of indispensable filler material for other high-strength honeycomb board. Characteristic :High strength, good rigidity, good shapeability.Application:Aluminium Honeycomb can be widely used in aviation、vehicle manufacture and other related industries
Honeycomb Cardboard Honeycomb cardboard is a light fixation and packing material, it based on the paper honeycomb, It was produced by putting two face paper on the upper and lower sides of the paper honeycomb, and then through the pressure and drying process. Characteristic: Light weight, high strength, good rigidity, stable. Application: Honeycomb Cardboard can be used to replace the wood packaging and EPS buffer material which is available to a variety of product packaging.
Honipan:Honipan® is a kind of honeycomb composite board. Honipan used high-quality chipboard or MFCB to be panel, and put paper honeycomb in the middle of honipan. Honipan can be used in furniture, different panels can meet different needs of contemporary design. Characteristic: High texture appearance; Light weight; High bending resistance; RecyclableApplication:  1、Honipan® can be widely used in various interior decoration,such as clapboard, ceiling etc.   2、Honipan® also can be used in furniture components, such as holder, desktop etc.
Honeycomb Processing Equipment:Honeycomb Processing Equipment is automatic production machine for producing paper honeycomb. Honicel produces honeycomb production processing machines in according with the different using of paper honeycomb. Such as new generation continuous automatic paper honeycomb production line 、paper honeycomb stretch dryer machine 、 full-automatic honeycomb wallboard production line、honeycomb composited board production line and honeycomb cardboard production line etc.Honicel set up the first honeycomb technology and product R&D center in China. Honicel combined the mature technology of honeycomb in Netherlands Holland group with Chinese customer’s needs to manufacture new honeycomb products. Honeycomb Composite Production Equipment:Honicel has developed many adv...
Paper Honeycomb Air Filter:       Paper honeycomb air filter adopts the paper honeycomb structure. Compared to traditional activated carbon filter, it has better aerodynamic performance, small volume density,high adsorption efficiency, and low wind resistance coefficient. Paper honeycomb air filter can be used to purify air and clear formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen etc.Characteristic:            Low air resistance, permeation rate with 97%, water-proof, moisture-proof, good shape, stable form, non-toxicity.Application:Paper honeycomb air filter is used for air cleaner, air conditioner etc.
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