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Honeycomb rock plate

Date: 2021-08-12

Brief introduction of honeycomb rock slab:

Honicel rock plate is by the high performance of honeycomb structure material and thin ceramic composite rock plate to form a new type of composite plate, the surface of the ceramic plates are made of natural raw material through special process, with the help of more than ten thousand tons press down (more than 15000 tons), combined with advanced production technology, after more than 1200 ℃ high temperature burn becomes a new type of plate. Ceramic rock plate is mainly used for home furnishing, kitchen plate and building decoration field. As a new species in the field of prefabricated buildings and home furnaces, ceramic rock panels have large specifications, strong plastiability, diverse colors, high temperature resistance, abrasion and scraping, permeability resistance, acid and alkali resistance, zero formaldehyde, environmental health and other characteristics, while high-performance honeycomb composite materials have high strength, lightweight, small deformation, flame retardant, sound insulation and other characteristics. The combination of the two forms of honeycomb composite rock plate (honeycomb rock plate for short) not only has a delicate appearance, light weight and high strength, but also has many advantages of rock plate and honeycomb material, easy to use in application, suitable for all kinds of integrated decoration and home customization.

Product features:

1.Lightweight and easy to use: Honicel honeycomb rock plate its surface has the beautiful appearance of rock plate and high performance, but also has the high strength and lightweight characteristics of honeycomb material, the general thickness of 12mm, very light weight (about 9kg per square meter), compared with 12mm ceramic rock plate, only 1/3 of its weight. Honeycomb rock plate light weight, good bending performance, transportation, handling, installation and decoration process, are not easy to break and rupture, save decoration costs and decoration time.

2.Green environmental protection and flame retardant: Honicel honeycomb rock plate formaldehyde release is very low, only 2.6mg/100g, equivalent to the E0 level of China's building plate, is a very good environmental protection class of new materials, honeycomb rock plate after testing to reach the national building materials standard A2 grade, is an excellent fireproof material.

3.Moisture-proof, insect-proof, low expansion: Honicel honeycomb rock plate has good waterproof and insect-proof characteristics, which is the most important technical characteristics of honicel board superior to traditional wood board. After testing the linear expansion coefficient of Honicel honeycomb steel sheet is about 8µm/m degree C, very close to the linear expansion coefficient of 6µm/m degree C of ceramic rock sheet, it is not easy to appear deformation, cracking and delighting phenomenon.

4.Sound insulation and heat insulation: because the honeycomb structure plate has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, therefore, honicel honeycomb rock plate than ordinary rock plate has better sound insulation and heat insulation performance.

product application:

All kinds of wall decoration, such as home decoration: bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, TV set; Tooling: studio, administrative building, hotels, restaurants, bars, KTV, leisure clubs, hospitals, campuses and other occasions and environmental decoration projects, etc.

Honeycomb rock plate

Honeycomb rock plate

Honeycomb rock plate

Honeycomb rock plate


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