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Composite honeycomb board

Date: 2021-11-29

About honeycomb structure plate:

Because of the lightweight, high strength and other unique characteristics of honeycomb composite structure plate, it is widely used in aviation and aerospace industry and other high-tech fields, is an indispensable strategic material for aircraft and various aerospace spacecraft.


Structure of Honicel rock slab:

Honicel has been committed to building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly lightweight materials, the latest research and development of honeycomb composite rock plate, is a kind of rock with honeycomb structure to enhance the special type of ceramic plate, it will charge lselection research and development of high-performance aluminum core fiberglass honeycomb composite materials and thin plates, and the high temperature and high pressure produced a new type of composite material honeycomb structure rock board, It is referred to as 'Holisheng SLATE' for short.

Composite honeycomb board

Why choose honeycomb panel?

Honeycomb structure material is a lightweight and high-strength composite material creatively developed by human beings inspired by hexagonal honeycomb structure constructed by bees in nature. Its main characteristics are as follows: The use of the least effective material, the rigid weight ratio and strength to weight ratio of the largest, good impact resistance and fatigue resistance of all known materials, honeycomb structure material is a composite material with the largest strength to weight ratio.

 Composite honeycomb board

What are the characteristics of the composite slab?

After the aluminum honeycomb composite plate composite after the Honicel rock plate has the characteristics of light structure, high strength, impact resistance, small deformation, structural stability and environmental protection, its decorative surface integrated with the advantages of the rock plate, and the base honeycomb structure provides the composite plate unique rigidity, toughness and unique bending and impact resistance, It overcomes the disadvantages and pain points of the ceramic rock plate, which is fragile, difficult to transport and application, and provides a new choice for the application space of the rock plate.

 Composite honeycomb board


Rock slab test after composite honeycomb structure slab:

Bending resistance test of Hoonicel honeycomb rock plate:

 Composite honeycomb boardComposite honeycomb board

By combining 3mm ultra-thin rock plate with high performance honeycomb structure material, the hoonicel rock plate is made. The application of honeycomb structure greatly improves the physical properties of common ceramic rock plate, and greatly improves the impact resistance and bending resistance of composite rock plate under the condition of little weight increase.

Cutting and punching:


Composite honeycomb board

Composite honeycomb board

 Rock slab site cutting video
Composite honeycomb board
Composite honeycomb boardComposite honeycomb board
Composite honeycomb boardComposite honeycomb board

Dry hanging system is easy to install.
Composite honeycomb board

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