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Honeycomb Cardboard Honeycomb cardboard is a light fixation and packing material, it based on the paper honeycomb, It was produced by putting two face paper on the upper and lower sides of the paper honeycomb, and then through the pressure and drying process. Characteristic: Light weight, high strength, good rigidity, stable. Application: Honeycomb Cardboard can be used to replace the wood packaging and EPS buffer material which is available to a variety of product packaging.
Honipan:Honipan® is a kind of honeycomb composite board. Honipan used high-quality chipboard or MFCB to be panel, and put paper honeycomb in the middle of honipan. Honipan can be used in furniture, different panels can meet different needs of contemporary design. Characteristic: High texture appearance; Light weight; High bending resistance; RecyclableApplication:  1、Honipan® can be widely used in various interior decoration,such as clapboard, ceiling etc.   2、Honipan® also can be used in furniture components, such as holder, desktop etc.
Aluminum Honeycomb plate:            Aluminum honeycomb plate is a kind of aerospace material. It made by the continuous process of honicel with the standard high-grade aluminum alloy coil.Characteristic:1.    Light weight, low density.2.    High strength, good rigidity.3.    High compression resistance, good cushioning.4.    Thermal insulation, sound insulation.5.    It is good for preventing fire and damp.6.    Good formability.7.    Recyclable8.    Easy to cleanApplication:        Aluminum honeycomb plate can be widely used in aerospace, cars, trains vehicles, unit bathroom and other industries with strict requirem...
Plastic Honeycomb plate:            Plastic honeycomb plate whose filler is plastic honeycomb, it can be made into diversified composited honeycomb plates by compositing panels with different textures.   Characteristic:1.    Optimal weight - strength ratio2.    Excellent fluid diversion function3.    Excellent sound insulation effect4.    Durable moisture-proof property5.    100% recyclable6.    Against- ultraviolet rayApplication:           Plastic honeycomb plate is used in different fields, such as automobile industry, aerospace, transportation etc.
Honeycomb Composite Plate:                Honeycomb composite plate adopts polyurethane glass fiber and honeycomb material. It is an ideal choice to replace traditional epoxy and PP composite board . Characteristic:                  Honeycomb composite plate has the advantages of light weight, good stability, its weight reduce 1/3 under the same stiffness condition, which reduces the cost.Application:         1.   Honeycomb composite plate can be used in the sunroof,spare tire cover plate, suitcase, shelves and other parts of car.        &...
Brief introduction of honeycomb rock slab:Honicel rock plate is by the high performance of honeycomb structure material and thin ceramic composite rock plate to form a new type of composite plate, the surface of the ceramic plates are made of natural raw material through special process, with the help of more than ten thousand tons press down (more than 15000 tons), combined with advanced production technology, after more than 1200 ℃ high temperature burn becomes a new type of plate. Ceramic rock plate is mainly used for home furnishing, kitchen plate and building decoration field. As a new species in the field of prefabricated buildings and home furnaces, ceramic rock panels have large specifications, strong plastiability, diverse colors, high temperature resistance, abrasion and scr...
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