Paper Honeycomb:Honicel paper honeycomb is a kind of filling material which is made of recycled paper. Honicel paper honeycomb is a kind of typical green environmental protection product which is recycled and absorbed by nature. Characteristic : 1、Resource-saving, 100% recyclable 2、High compression resistance and high bending resistance performance 3、Shape can be adjusted according to the application 4、Hard fiber board, particleboard, glass fiber, thin steel board, cardboard and other types of sheet can be used to be surface material. 5、The size of honeycomb paper can be customized according to customer’s requirements. Application: Paper Honeycomb can be widely used in furniture manufacture、building partition、vehicle manufacture、 environmental protection packaging and other related industr...
Aluminium Honeycomb: Aluminium Honeycomb is a kind of regular hexagonal honeycomb material which is made of aluminum foil, it is light weight, high strength, good rigidity. It is a new kind of indispensable filler material for other high-strength honeycomb board. Characteristic :High strength, good rigidity, good shapeability.Application:Aluminium Honeycomb can be widely used in aviation、vehicle manufacture and other related industries
Paper Honeycomb Air Filter:       Paper honeycomb air filter adopts the paper honeycomb structure. Compared to traditional activated carbon filter, it has better aerodynamic performance, small volume density,high adsorption efficiency, and low wind resistance coefficient. Paper honeycomb air filter can be used to purify air and clear formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen etc.Characteristic:            Low air resistance, permeation rate with 97%, water-proof, moisture-proof, good shape, stable form, non-toxicity.Application:Paper honeycomb air filter is used for air cleaner, air conditioner etc.
Plastic Honeycomb:        Honicel plastic honeycomb is a new kind of structural material that is made of PP/PC/PET, it can be glued with different surface materials (such as glass, wood, aluminum etc)    Characteristic:1.    Light weight, low density.2.    High strength, good rigidity.3.    100% recyclable.4.    It is good for preventing water and damp.5.    Sound insulation.6.    Energy absorption.Application:        Plastic honeycomb is able to replace traditional solid materials on a large scale and is widely used in high-speed railway, aerospace, yacht, van,  air purification, mobile architecture an...
Aramid Fiber Honeycomb:            Aramid Fiber Honeycomb is made from Meta-Aramid paper.  It is widely used in industries with strict requirements for weight, strength and fire protection, such as aerospace, rail transit, yachts, aircraft, planes, cars, sports competition, etc.Characteristic:1. High temperature resistance.2.High strength ,Energy absorbing3.Corrosion resistant 4.High toughness,Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance 5.Superior Corrosion and Flame Resistance 6.Excellent creep and fatigue performance7.Over collapsed cell configuration suitable for forming simple curves8.Good thermal stability,Fungi resistant 9.Thermally insulating10.Excellent dielectric properties
Brief introduction of honeycomb cat scratch board:The honeycomb cat scratch board is made of biodegradable recycled paper material, which can be freely folded and telescopic. The product provides fun and exercise for pet cats and helps protect furniture from cat paw damage.The versatility of the honeycomb cat scratch board allows you to create even more shapes for your cat, and the modern design not only appeals to your furry friends, but also perfectly matches your home decor.The honeycomb cat scratch board is easy to assemble and disassemble without tools, and you can fold it up and store it in a drawer if your cat needs more space when it can't play.Product features:Safe and hygienic, made of safe materials, cats can bite, grasp, roll and climb without causing skin problems. In addi...
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